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Green homes for sale in southern oregon
It's All  Green  and  Good!
Green Certified Real Estate Broker Southern Oregon | The Real McCoy of Real Estate... Don McCoy
If you are interested in Green Homes I have a wonderful list of the available Green Homes in Southern Oregon!
Just ask me & I will send them to you!

Why not work with a Certified Green Realtor and buy a home that is more energy efficient, healthy and durable? The Builders of these homes have been Certified and are using 3rd party verification that these homes are built to superior standards then conventional, built to code homes.


Simply scroll through these listings and when you find one that has the features and price range you are working with call me. I will gather further information on the listings you choose and we will set an appointment to go see them.


Thank you,

Don McCoy

The developers of the Estates at Finley Bend are proud to have Don McCoy on board as our green team coordinator.

The Estates at Finley Bend Oregon

Don is the founder of Consulting Green! a company dedicated to facilitating the adoption of green building techniques. The last decade has seen an explosion of interest in building energy efficient homes using both new and some very old technologies. Don is well versed in the cutting edge building techniques that can create a home that is aesthetically elegant, very comfortable and leaves a very low carbon footprint.


Don will be an invaluable resource to help you match the style and design you desire with green friendly architects, builders and subs that have the experience to make your dream a reality. Don will also be able to discuss newer design strategies, alternative building materials that may be new to you and innovative alternative energy sources. By working to assemble the best team possible to turn your ideas into a turn key masterpiece, Don will not only save you money, he will save you time and headaches by bringing the right people to the project.


Don works with all the energy certification agencies as well as the the Oregon and US agencies to ensure that your home will receive a value adding green certification and that you will receive any incentives available through state and federal programs for building using energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

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