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Recently I was talking with a Real Estate Agent in Southern California looking to do some networking for people that want to sell their property and move to Oregon.  I was incredibly surprised at his response when he questioned what we really had to offer to anyone thinking about moving someplace else. “Why move there" he asked “when most are moving to Phoenix Arizona or Las Vegas”?


It was then I realized not much has been done in promoting this “Best kept Secret” in the Pacific Northwest.  That is what prompted this overview of the incredible culture and lifestyle we all enjoy in this beautiful area of the country.


Hi this is Don McCoy, I am a well-known real estate agent in this area. Having been raised here, it was only after years of living and traveling to other unique parts of the country both domestically and internationally that I realized how fortunate we are that live, work or retire in this amazing corner of the



I have had several clients that have purchased property in this community, nestled in the Cascade Mountains, that spent much time investigating rural living all over the United States and they chose to settle here. This is a place that many famous people such as artists, Hollywood movie stars and famous authors have retreated to throughout the years.


Besides this being a zero or no sales tax state, perhaps you will move here to retire,  relocate your online business, or set up a mom and pop B&B or storefront of some sort. You may decide to buy a second home on the River or in the Mountains at one of the numerous Lakes. Mostly those that move here are from California and Washington and they are looking for a higher quality, slower paced lifestyle and a great place to raise their family.


Noted in numerous national magazines this area has been in the top ten and even top 5 in the past 15 years as one of the most popular areas for senior and retirement living because of the economy, low population, mild seasons and numerous cultural events and opportunities.


With less than 400 thousand people in Jackson and Josephine Counties combined we are comprised of small towns and small cities of a few hundred in population like Wimer or Ruch or 20 to 30 thousand like Ashland or Grants Pass.


Medford is the largest populated area, considered the Heart of the Rogue Valley, it boasts a whopping 70 thousand people. Less than 10% of the population of Oregon lives in Southern Oregon.


Located about 30 miles from the border of California, about a 45-minute drive from Yreka and 2 and a half hours from Redding. By plane we are a bedroom community to Los Angeles, San Francisco and even Portland or Seattle with a one to two-hour flight.


We are surrounded by orchards, wineries, farms, vineyards, resorts and 10 golf courses.  Numerous lakes and rivers as mentioned for fishing, boating, river rafting camping, hiking. You can travel in any direction and within thirty minutes to two and a half hours you can find yourself in beautiful mountainous

territory. The waterfronts of rivers, lakes, streams or reservoirs await you. There is even snow skiing at Mount Ashland Resort or Mount Bachelor near Sunriver. It is only a 2 to 3  hour drive to Diamond Lake, famous Crater Lake, Bend and various areas on the Pacific Coast.


An International airport, 2 major world class medical centers, large shopping centers with famous retailers, restaurants and nice Inns and Hotels to stay in while you visit property for sale here. There are world class wineries and world class entertainment. How is that possible? you may ask. A small area like this can’t have that much to offer. 


Well, from the world-renowned Shakespearian Festivals in Ashland to the very famous Britt Festivals in Jacksonville, hosting the latest and hottest musical stars in the world -we have got it going on.  Jacksonville, where gold was first discovered in Oregon, is a well preserved historic community boasting the finest shopping and dining in the entire state. The Jacksonville Inn & Restaurant is where President Bush recently stayed while campaigning in Southern Oregon.


From Universities, colleges, museums, libraries, parks, antique shops, painting galleries galore, cabaret theaters, spas, outdoor celebrations and festivals of all kinds, annual parades, car shows, rodeos, trade fairs, circuses, concerts, boat and car racing, there is more to do then anyone can keep an eye on.


Okay, now if this information so far hasn’t convinced you that we have something worth looking at then that’s okay. I am easy. After 35 years of business experience you can forget high-pressure sales from me. After all, I am known as the “Real McCoy”. The Real McCoy of Real Estate,  I know the area well and I

know the real estate market well. I am good at what I do. I can help you relocate here. I am highly automated.  The internet, high community presence, and various marketing techniques have placed me in the top sales position in my office of 70 agents and in the top 2 % in sales in the Southern Oregon Region.


 And I can’t do it all alone. I have a team to help you stay on top of this serious business of buying property. However, it can be complicated or it can be easy. Why not keep it easy? I have highly recommended agents in your area to help you in listing and selling your home where you live while you are studying the market in Southern Oregon and working with us to purchase your new home.


Beautiful view lots and new homes are being prepared and built as we speak.  While you listen to this report and consider this overview of our unique area hundreds of very well constructed homes, under very strict building codes are being built.


 It may be in a wonderful neighborhood near a golf course in Eagle Point or near Hyatt Lake, Lake of the Woods or Howard Prairie Resort.  It could be in the mountains with acreage, which hold incredible views of the valley. It may be in East Medford near all of the high-class living near the Rogue Valley Country

Club, or in sought after Ashland the home of Southern Oregon University.


Brand new homes, with high ceilings, spacious family rooms, kitchens with cherry wood or solid oak cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, quality carpets and hardwood floors are being built for you.


The average priced homes being built today in this area range about $200 a square foot. This puts beginning prices around  $300 thousand and up. And there are plenty of world class homes in the three quarter to million dollar plus range. I have sold many of these homes and together we will find a home in the price range you feel comfortable with. 


When you come to visit and view property we know the best places to stay and eat to meet your budget. We can make arrangements to pick you up at the airport and meet you at your hotel. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Call or email me today and let’s start a strategy for starting a new life!



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