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January 2023 | 5 Star Google Review__________________________________________________________________________________

Don McCoy is one of the top Real Estate Agents in Southern Oregon. Don is a great resource for all things real estate related. He is service oriented, he helped me tremendously as a general contractor with referrals, so when it came time to sell our property, it was a no brainer. He knew just how to present our unique property with photos and prose that attracted just the right buyers. He handled everything and the sale was smooth.

Robert Pelle

January 2023 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In life, in friendship, in business one very important element is trust.

I started out with a property I have owned since 2009. Landlocked with no access. Obviously I could not sell it though I have had many people interested.

Three years ago Don McCoy called me and asked if I wanted to sell it. I said "very definitely but it has no access." He said "do you mind if I look into it?" "Sure," I said. Long story, very long story short, he contacted everyone in the state, county and city. No one was interested in helping us. He did all this without any contract or listing, just a verbal promise that I would take care of him if he could get anything done. Trust. He worked very hard writing letters, doing research, talking to attorneys; everything he could think of. We became quite good friends.

Fast forward three years and we finally found an adventurous man with an idea. He bought it, even with no access and is working hard to accomplish his dream. All because Don McCoy never gave up. Trust. Don McCoy is the real estate agent you can trust.

Marty Davis

January 2022 | 5 Star Google Review__________________________________________________________________________________

Ken Faddis

March 2020 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi Don,

Don McCoy went above and beyond to sell our home.  When met with challenges faced, he hit them head on and even went down to the city to determine the truth on record.  He was knowledgeable and professional.  He met every request and need we had!  I wanted to sell the house within a certain time and so he made sure that our house was in the face of every potential buyer, holding 3 open houses, mailings, and spread over social media.


I'm excited to say our house was sold with a full offer within the time we needed it!  Thank you so much Don!  I would recommend you to anyone seeking to buy or sell a house in the Southern Oregon region.




December 2019 | 5 Star Google Review_______________________________________________________________________________

Don was a HUGE help in helping us find out new storefront. We ended up in a better location than we were looking for and we are spending less than budgeted.

Tiffany Perez-Smith

November 2018 | 5 Star Google Review______________________________________________________________________________

Don is amazing, he helped us find our perfect first house when we got married and is now doing an awesome job of helping us list it and find a new home for a bigger family. Very knowledgeable, kind and will answer any and all questions no matter the time of day. We will be using Don for every house sell and purchase!

Bre Manley

May 2018 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi Don,

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am having the opportunity to deal with you on the sale of my home. I have moved many times and know from experience that you are a true professional in every way!

I appreciate the way we were able to communicate.  Whenever I had a suggestion you either included it in the marketing plan or explained why it was not appropriate in that particular situation. It was very nice to be heard and understood.  Your are
exceptionally patient and knowledgable.

Thank you again for the efficient and timely manner the entire transaction was handled. It was truly a pleasure working with you.

Yours Truly,

Joan Kohler

January 2018 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I see you did an absolutely remarkable job. I’ve never seen a CMA so professional, detailed, & informative. It’s quite amazing & it truly sets you apart from any realtor we’ve ever known or worked with.


And- my Mom was a realtor (she’s now retired) And-  I have a real estate division & exclusive referral partners that work with my company CBD National. Yet, I’ve never seen such a level of professionalism. THANK YOU! 


Scotty and Sandy Diesel

March 2017 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciated your handling the listing side of this transaction.You just took all the delays and interruptions in stride waiting for what we needed -  which is all we really could do too.


I sincerely hope your seller’s are happy this has come to a conclusion.

Becky C.  Fairway Lending

March 2017 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I bought two houses from Don.. We recommended him to are family in California they used him as their realtor as well. We will recommend him again and again. ...Thanks

Tami O'Brian

March 2017 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You are, by far, the best and most knowledgeable Realtor I've had the pleasure to work with! The Best! 

Joan Kirkpatrick

February 2017 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I recently had the opportunity of working with Don McCoy. I had a real estate transaction that was critical to close within a short time period. Don was extremely helpful and responsive to the needs of preparing necessary forms and helping sellers and buyers get signatures and processing the forms in a timely manner. Don is friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. We were able to close in the allotted time thanks to Don's knowledge and persistence.

Ed Reilly

January 2017 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am so glad you are my Realtor! You really work hard. I could not have done it without you!

J. Jefferies

May 2016 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Don met with us, listed our house and sold it in a very favorable time frame. Don did what he said he would, and he has great work ethics. I have much respect for Don, and will ask for him again. Great job Sir, Respectfully,


Stephen Dyer & Family



March 2015 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


My Dearest Don,  You worked so hard trying to make things work with all of the ups and downs, I would recommend you to anyone and hopefully can send you more business,    Thank You Don for all you did...Be happy and always blessed with Light, Love ,and Peace, be well....





March 2015 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Don did an excellent job for me, 1st, said property Don was representing was a large ranch and with that, things can get a little complicated with permits, irrigation, property lines etc. we had problems during escrow but ALL were caused by other factors. We finally received an offer thru a well-respected realtor and Don and ( tom) worked like clockwork. ... I cannot stress enough, when buying or selling rural / ranch properties, find a realtor who knows the ins and outs. I cannot speak highly enough of Don McCoy And JL Scott.


David  Nemec



September 2014 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Don was professional & available. An Honest individual & you should be satisfied with his willingness to go the extra mile and will highly recommend again!


Joe &  Sonya Andrews



May 2014 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


What a breeze!! Don was really excellent to work with. I especially appreciated that he responded quickly to my emails and phone calls. He was right there on top of the whole process, letting us know what was going to happen and when so we were not surprised by anything. He was very honest about the condition of the property and some of the negative things in the neighborhood to consider. We have no buyers remorse because of undisclosed problems or unpleasant surprises. I would definitely choose to work with him again.





February 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Thank you for the extra effort and patience you took in finding us our new home in Medford. We felt that you were not just trying to sell us something, but were determined to help us purchase what filled our needs. We feel fortunate to have had you for our realtor and won't hesitate to recommend you to our friends.


Jim &  Irene  De Mile



August  2013 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Thank you for everything Don. Because this home purchase was time sensitive, due to the coming new infant, your extra TLC was so greatly appreciated. Your honesty and clarity helped me feel comfortable as a first time home owner. I will recommend you to my friends and family! Thanks!





July  2013 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I respect professionalism.  When choosing a realtor, I was searching for someone who I could count on for professional reliance of reasonable duty of care.  In my search for a new property, I discovered a whole new series of deceptive practices and blatant lies.  Don was the only realtor that I found who was honorable in word and action. In addition, he was professional and very knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Don McCoy if honor, integrity and professionalism are important factors to you in selecting a realtor.


Cin Brewer



March  2013 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dear Don,

There aren’t enough words to thank you for assisting us in the purchase of our new home in Eagle Point.  As you well know, there were several challenges facing you and us:  we were 1000 miles away, it was a short sale, and we were combining two families which included 4 adults, 2 kids, 4 horses, 2 dogs and a slightly insane cat.  How fortunate for us that we found you through one of your listings on the internet!  Although we had never met, you went out of your way to keep us informed each and every time there was a listing that included the things we were hoping to find.  When we finally got to meet you, we realized that you were truly looking out for our best interests and knew we had found a Realtor with integrity and honestly.  This is the 6th home we have purchased and by far this was the easiest process of any of our previous purchases.    As we entered into escrow, our major concern was that the home was a short sale, which (as you well know) can be a very lengthy process.  Someone you managed to be a mover and shaker and we were more than thrilled to close escrow and take possession of the house in less than 90 days.  Don, all of us want to thank you for everything you did for us.  Please feel free to give our name and number to any potential clients.  It would be our pleasure to speak with anyone that that is looking for an exceptional Realtor.


Fondly, All the Gilstraps



October 2012 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Don McCoy was there for us through every step of our home buying process. It seemed to take forever for us to find the perfect fit of a house. While I was getting frustrated, Don just showed patience.  The right fit, came as a bank-owned home, which seemed to have its own set of rules. Don was a huge help in making sure that we were treated fairly and received what we were entitled to while not being bulldozed over by the bank.


Thank you, Don!

Nancy McClain - Siskiyou Design Service
Dave Smilgelski - Mail Trib



February 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Don is an AMAZING guy and a great broker. He will treat you right and get the job done.


Becca Niday



December 2012 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


To Don McCoy, Exit Realty Group

Your knowledge and guidance was a great help to me during the purchase of my home.Thank you for volunteering on the day  I moved in to check the condition of the roof and while you were there you also cleaned the gutters. Your actions demonstrate your concern for your Clients.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of a caring Realtor.


Thank you so much!

Mary Williamstein



February 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Don was very helpful in finding a commercial real estate location. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful in his field. His assistance in establishing the contract and making a smooth transition was invaluable. I would recommend Don as a Realtor to any prospective buyer or seller.


Christa Foti _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We sincerely appreciate all you have both done for us….You are top notch people & we’ll certainly recommend you to anyone.


Don &  Margo Land _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dear Don,
As I reflect on the past 2 months I appreciate more & more your excellent service, availability, professionalism, problem solving & many other traits.  Above all of these is that of a developing friendship.


All I can say is a big THANK YOU!!!

Bob  Anderson

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